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Emergency Filtration Products, Inc. was founded to commercialize a proprietary dual-filtered technology (2H Technology™) that removes infectious bacteria and virus from airflow systems at extremely high levels of efficiency. This technology positions the company to become a leading producer in the U.S. isolation mask marketplace through the introduction of its first 2H Technology™ product, RespAide™, a state-of-the-art cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) mask. RespAide is designed to minimize the potential for transmission of contagious diseases during the administration of CPR and has been granted FDA 510K approval as a Class II medical device. The core technology for RespAide is the Vapor Isolation Valve™ (VIV), a self-contained air filter system combining 2H Technology and a one-way silicone valve within a sonic welded K-resin housing. The VIV design forms a basis for four other products, the 2H Technology Series One Breathing Circuit Filters, FDA 510K approved stand-alone replacement filters for hospital and off-site use on ventilators, respirators and anesthesia circuitry in the $2.3 billion ventilation market, two 2H Technology Plus™ Environmental Isolation Masks (Enviro Mask™ and Nanomask™), personal protection masks with nanotechnology enhanced filtration, for use where there is concern of exposure to biological agents; and ELVIS ™ a ground breaking self contained bag/valve/mask (BVM) emergency resuscitation system. In addition to 2H Technology, ELVIS incorporates other innovative proprietary features and will be the Company’s first entry in a worldwide BVM marketplace. In addition, the Company markets Superstat®, a patented, all natural, collagen hemostat for surgical applications and trauma and burn wound management.

The company has chosen the emergency medical product sector as its market entry point for three reasons: (1) acute awareness of the potential for disease transmission makes infection control critically important to this sector; (2) acceptance and validation of 2H Technology efficiencies and performance in this rigidly controlled sector will facilitate acceptance of future products in other sectors; and (3) because hydrophobic/hydrophilic dual-filtered technology outperforms all current products on the market. The response to this strategy has resulted in the Company’s sharp increase in sales to the US Department of Defense (DOD).

The DOD endorsement, and escalating orders, provide an excellent platform for the next phase in the Company’s business development; entry into the acute respiratory care sector. Although the Company’s internationally patented dual-filtered technology (2H Technology) can be used in a wide range of medical and commercial applications, the Company has chosen to initially focus on sales in the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) segments, including fire department, law enforcement, ambulance, and medical air evacuation and then to expand into hospital based emergency room services. The funds currently being raised are necessary in order to facilitate marketing initiatives and produce an adequate level of inventory to accomplish the near-term objectives of growing sales in the EMS market, expanding the product line into the hospital market, establishing channels for the environmental mask, and accelerating the nanotechnology initiative.

Future 2H Technology products are in the stages of strategic planning and development. They include: (1) additional breathing circuit filters with filter media specifications and configurations modified to address specific applications in ventilator and anesthesia circuitry; (2) additional models of disposable and reusable BVM resuscitators, enhancing the Company’s ability to grow market share; (3) First Aid and Emergency Prep Kits featuring RespAide and customized for specific environments; (4) air filtration systems for semiconductor manufacturing and laboratory "clean rooms"; (5) and additional environmental and surgical facemasks.

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