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Board of Directors

Thomas Glenndahl
Mr. Glenndahl was born in Sweden and educated in the United States and Europe. He graduated with an MBA in international marketing from Gothenburg School of Economics in 1970. His professional experience includes: Commercial Attache with the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Paris, France; Investment Banker with Barkley Securities, London, England and; Founder of the ASPECT International Language Schools in San Francisco, CA which was sold to Sylvan Learning Systems (Nasdaq: SLVN) in 1998. Mr. Glenndahl was elected to the Board of Directors in May, 2002. Mr. Glenndahl is presently a professional investor. He is also a Director of Harling Properties in  Sweden, Aksu Pharmaceuticals in Turkey, Transnico International Group SA and Transnico Technologies Group SA in Belgium.

Raymond Yuan
Dr. Yuan was elected to the Board in December of 1997. Dr. Yuan has over 20 years of international experience in corporate finance, management, marketing, and new product development. Since 1993, he has served as Managing Director of AsiaWorld Medical Technology Limited, (Hong Kong), an exclusive master distributor of advanced medical and healthcare products in South East Asia, including the People’s Republic of China.  In addition, Dr. Yuan currently serves in the following positions: President of the MedNet Group (Hong Kong), a group of healthcare education and communications companies; Managing Director of Bio-Health Consultancy (Hong Kong) Limited, a consulting firm specializing in bio-health and biotechnology consulting to medical institutions; and, Executive Director of FinancialResource International, Limited, (Hong Kong), an international investment banking firm. Dr. Yuan began his career in 1976 at General Foods Corporation in New York, NY, where he held several positions through 1983. From 1984 to 1988, he was Managing Director of  Chinaworld International Ltd. Of Hong Kong, an international technology transfer and trading firm leaving to become Executive Director of Financial Resource International Ltd. of Hong  Kong an investment banking concern, where he remained until joining Asiaworld Medical Technology in 1993.

Dr. Yuan graduated from the University of California, Berkley in 1967 with a Bachelor of  Science degree in Chemistry. He subsequently received a Masters degree in Physical  Chemistry from Columbia University in 1968 and a Ph.D. in Chemical Physics from Columbia University in 1972. Mr. Yuan was also a National Health Institute Postdoctoral Fellow at Yale University with a concentration in Biophysics in 1972 and a Rudolph J. Anderson Fellow at Yale University with a concentration in Molecular Biology in 1974. He also received a Master of Business Administration degree from Stern School of Business Administration, New York University in 1983. Dr. Yuan is fluent in English and several Chinese dialects, including Mandarin

David Bloom
David Bloom, was elected to the Board of Directors in May 2004. Mr. Bloom is currently President and CEO of Le Gourmet Chef, a New Jersey based housewares company, which he joined in 2001 and where he has led a successful turnaround effort. Prior to joining Le Gourmet Chef, Mr. Bloom was the founder and CEO of Princeton Photo Network. Previously, he was founder and CEO of Sneaker Stadium, President and CEO of Record World, Chief Operating Officer of Barnes & Noble Bookstores and President and CEO of Herman’s World of Sporting Goods, a 260-store chain with sales of $700 million.

William Dodge Rueckert
Mr. Rueckert is currently the managing member of Oyster Financial Partners, L.P., a hedge fund investing exclusively in domestic community banks. Since 1990, he is also the President of Rosow & Company, Inc. and International Golf Group, Inc., private companies with interests in resort, real estate development and project management. From 1988 to 1990, Mr. Rueckert served as Treasurer of Moore & Munger, Inc., a private holding company with interests in oil and gas, resort and real estate development. From 1981-1988, he was President, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of United States Oil Company, Inc., a NASDAQ listed oil and gas exploration company. From 1978-1981, Mr. Rueckert served as Assistant to the Senior Credit Officer of Brown Brothers Harriman & Co.


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