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Company History

Emergency Filtration Products, Inc.
was founded to develop a filtration technology that would serve to ensure the safety of anyone arriving on the scene of an emergency by virtually eliminating exposure to cross contamination when rendering CPR (cardio- pulmonary resuscitation). The Company’s goal was to raise the confidence level of rescuers to the point where fear of contracting contagious disease would not cause even a moments hesitation. In order to accomplish this mission, it developed a price competitive product to produce viral and bacterial filtration efficiencies of “greater than 99.99 percent” according to independent laboratory tests.

Emergency Filtration was originally organized by Douglas K. Beplate.

Mr. Beplate applied for and received several US and international patents on his new filter technology. The original patent is U.S. utility patent 5,575,279 entitled “Dual-Filtered Rotary Isolation Valve for Resuscitation”. This patented filtration technology was then incorporated into RespAide®, the CPR Isolation Mask that completed the quest for a safer CPR device.  RespAide™ was submitted to the FDA, which designated it a Class Two Medical Device with 510K approvals.

Meanwhile, market research and feasibility studies clearly indicated that by outsourcing manufacturing and the majority of distribution to companies already possessing the necessary equipment and expertise, EFP could become profitable by capturing less than three percent of the CPR mask market.  Research also indicated that a large number of filtration products other than CPR masks would perform more effectively and cost efficiently if they utilized EFP’s technology.

On March 8, 1996, the Company filed a Certificate of Amendment with the State of Nevada changing the name of the Company to “Emergency Filtration Products, Inc.”

Realizing the technology’s potential prompted the decision to take EFP public to raise funds to finance additional research and development and accelerate the Company’s ability to produce and market RespAide®. On August 1, 1996, Emergency Filtration Products undertook an offering of its common stock under Rule 504. The offering resulted in the sale of one million shares and the receipt of $750,000 in capital by the Company. The Company was assigned to the Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board and given the trading symbol EMFP.


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