About Emergency Filtration Products  

EFP was formed to develop a preeminent filtration technology that would serve to ensure the safety of rescuers by virtually eliminating risk of cross-contamination during CPR. Our goal was to elevate the confidence of caregivers to the point where fear of exposure to contagious disease would not cause even a moment's hesitation.

After an extensive period of research and development we were able to achieve two significant early results.  The first was 2H Technology™, a unique and highly efficient micro-particle air filter designed for medical filtration, but also suitable and adaptable to a variety of applications outside the medical products industry. The second was the introduction of the first product to utilize this innovative, patented technology, the RespAide® CPR Isolation Mask.

2H Technology was developed as the means to an end. We were striving to produce the safest possible CPR mask and 2H was the configuration of filters designed for that purpose. The technology took on a life of its own because the efficiency and versatility of the design began to alter our perception of what was possible.





2H is a state-of-the-art air filtration technology that combines and utilizes the intrinsic natures of hydrophobic and hydrophilic filter media to create a true synergy; a combined action of two or more elements to achieve an effect greater than that of which each is individually capable.

Today, the fundamental principles that guided the development of RespAide remain a constant. They define our commitment to developing products that function the way they are intended, are manufactured to the very highest standards, achieve benchmark levels of performance, and inspire confidence with their use.

We are currently trading on the Nasdaq OTCBB, under the trade symbol emfp. In addition to RespAide, we now offer Superstat®, a hemostatic collagen with unique performance characteristics for surgery, trauma and burn wound management and have developed the second product to utilize 2H Technology air filtration, our Series 1 breathing circuit filters for respirators, ventilators, and anesthesia circuitry. RespAide and Superstat, on the basis of superior performance, have gained wide acceptance by the Department of Defense along with the Vapor Isolation Valve™, the filter component for RespAide, that also functions as a modular air filter for manual resuscitation bags.

The future holds promise as we continue to expand our channels of distribution, strengthen our relationship with the Department of Defense, and develop innovative new products like ELVIS, (Emergency Life-support Ventilation and Intubation System) a completely self contained manual resuscitation bag with proprietary features and two 2H Technology Plus™ environmental masks utilizing nano-particle enhanced filter media.


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