Features 2H Technology™, a patented filter system that consistently achieves high levels of efficiency by combining hydrophobic and hydrophilic media to remove moisture and particulate from airflow. Virus and bacterium, absent moisture for growth and transmission, are isolated and contained within the system.

Independently tested and validated to have viral and bacterial filtration efficiencies of greater than 99.99% at a particulate size of 0.07 microns, with virtually no drop in differential air pressure.

Proven through extensive individual and competitive product testing to provide unsurpassed protection from potentially harmful

The patient’s exhaled breath is filtered and then diverted through large exhalation ports down and away from the rescuer.

The housing is sonically welded, not snap fit, to fuse the edge of the one-way silicone duckbill valve to the inside edge of the housing. This process effectively eliminates pathogenic avenues to the caregiver and creates a truly sealed one-way conduit from the caregiver to the patient.

The filters have an enlarged surface area to increase relative filtration efficiencies.  Sealed within the sonic welded housing, they are configured to filter airflow in both directions to provide maximum protection for both caregiver and patient.

The one-way silicone duckbill valve remains closed while the patient exhales to prevent any back-flow of breath to the caregiver or clogging of the filter system when the patient regurgitates.

Vapor Isolation
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