Superstat® is a collagen derived active topical hemostat that interacts instantly with blood and is fully absorbable. It's enhanced all-natural formula provides rapid, safe, effective hemostasis for surgery, trauma and burn wound management.

The Superstat Solution Collagen in its natural state has a basic molecular structure consisting of cross-linked amino acid side chains. This cross-linked collagen is insoluble in water and cannot be dissolved in blood. The modified collagen used in Superstat has been treated in an acid wash. The acid wash breaks the collagen down to non-cross linked chains that allow water, and more importantly blood, solubility.

This is a special patented manufacturing process that, in addition to making the collagen soluble, increases the availability of positively charged amino acid side chains. The positive charge is further enhanced by a small amount of calcium added during the production process and the entire mixture is freeze dried to produce a porous sponge with extremely high coagulant activity.

The resulting high porosity matrix provides an exceptionally large surface area for blood contact while the positive charge creates an 'electron sink’ to attract blood platelets, rapidly activating the coagulation mechanism and accelerating clot formation.  Interaction and hemostasis begin to occur immediately and the end result is a textbook picture of a dry surgical field. Superstat completely dissolves in the wound site and only a solid coherent microscopic clot remains.  There is no residue and the excess clot is easily removed with irrigation.

This unique formulation results in a totally natural product which will not cause adverse reactions because all ingredients are natural substances found in the human body. Superstat actually interacts with shed blood and completely dissolves as it rapidly accelerates the hemostatic process. 


•  No inhibition of wound healing
•  No foreign body response
•  No secondary bleeding
•  No systemic effects
•  Non-antigenic and non-toxic
•  Fully absorbable

•  Interacts instantly with shed blood
•  Leaves no residue in the wound site
•  Proven effectiveness in anti-coagulated patients
•  Single application is sufficient for most cases involving mild capillary or venous bleeding
•  Indefinite shelf life

Easy to Use
•  No preparation necessary - ready to use directly from the package
•  Solid foam sponge is easy to handle
•  Dissolves on contact with shed blood
•  No residue - nothing to remove from the wound site
•  Packaged in a double wrapped sterile tray

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