High efficiency bacterial/viral breathing system filter and heat and moisture exchanger for use with all airway management systems including ventilators, respirators, and anesthesia circuitry.

Features 2H Technology™, a patented combination of hydrophobic and hydrophilic filters configured within a sonic welded housing.  2H Technology consistently achieves benchmark viral and bacterial filtration and airflow efficiencies and individual media specifications can be modified to produce optimum results for specific applications.

Independently tested and validated to have bacterial/ viral removal efficiency of 99.99% at .027 microns.

Indicated for use by long-term ventilated patients in the ICU as well as anesthesia for both operative and post-operative ventilation.  Safe for nebulization - filter resists wetting and can remain in place to provide continuous protection.

48-hour filter life provides savings in nursing time and reduces clinical waste.  Cost-effective by safely allowing circuit to be re-used.

Filters have an enlarged surface area for maximum efficiency.  Hydrophobic media prevents passage of patient secretions, bodily fluids and aerosolized droplets that can carry infectious pathogens. Hydrophilic media offers optimal humidification even at high flow rates and long-term ventilation.

Available for one and two-way airflow applications. The one-way filter permits a T-valve attachment for monitoring CO2 levels for inline ventilator connections. The two-way filter is designed for anesthesia and general respiratory applications where airflow must pass evenly in both directions while protecting equipment and hoses.  Available with flexible tube and/or CO2 monitoring port.

Patient side is indicated on the housing Blue-tinted, non-conductive transparent housing.


Breathing Circuit
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